Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday, August 28


Fifty Famous Stories Retold: "The Brave Three Hundred"
James Herriot's Treasury: "Bonny's Big Day"
Parables from Nature: "Lesson on Faith"
spelling (done yesterday, too, but forgot to mention)
Composer study - listed to Rimsky-Korsakov's Symphony No. 2 'Antar' - had never heard it before - really liked it
Bible - Robert did 2 lessons to make up for yesterday

not done:

copywork (I don't want to talk about it)

went to Michael's and bought drawing pads, watercolor pad, and some watercolor paintbrushes

Wendy's for lunch (bad, bad of me)

instruments practiced at night with Dad

I went to Starbucks tonight and met Stephanie. We stayed and talked for 2.5 hours. Lovely! She invited me to go to the park Friday afternoon with them and we are.

Monday, August 27

Not a good day. Actually, not bad school-wise, but full of bad tempers all around. Blech.

An Island Story: chapter 5 "The Story of a Warrior Queen" (Boadicea) - done
Paddle to the Sea: chapter 5 - done (Is Paddle ever going to get out of that river??!!)
The Little Duke – chapter 1 - success! a literature reading done
math - done
grammar - done
Bible - Ruth - yes; Robert - no
copywork - still not done - argh!

started Zoology 2 and lapbook booklets. I'm not sure if the lapbook idea is going to be a success.

read one chapter of The Penderwicks after lunch

orchestra - Robert forgot his shoulder rest - typical for the day!

I watched Jane Eyre at night - loved it - I cried.

August 20-24

I missed a whole week last week, so I'm just going to do a summary post.

We started orchestra on Monday. It's good to be back. There is another viola player this year (woo-hoo!) and several cellos (another woo-hoo!)

Week 2

An Island Story: chapter 3 & 4 - done
Fifty Famous Stories Retold: "Damon and Pythias"; and "A Laconic Answer" - done
Paddle to the Sea: chapter 3 & 4 - done
James Herriot's Treasury: "Only One Woof" - done (the kids are loving this book)
Burgess Animal Book II Peter and Jumper Go To School - done - put picture of marsh rabbit as screen saver
Composer, Hymn - listed to selections in car
Artist study - no
Folk Song - no
math - done every day
grammar - done Mon-Thurs
writing - assignment finished! (it only took us 4 months)
science - read chapter 1 from Zoology 1 as introduction to Zoology 2
Bible - done Mon-Thurs
Copywork - not done at all - I need to figure out a different method
US Geography - finished Rhode Island - taking up too much time - need to simplify

continued reading The Penderwicks

We are not getting our literature readings done. I had planned to read them at lunch, but it's not happening. I decided to move our literature readings to the morning and The Penderwicks to after lunch.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Friday, August 17

Trial and Triumph: chapter 1 "Polycarp Witness in the Arena" - read, narrated, notebooked
US Geography - read about Rhode Island, worked on mapping and info sheets
BJU writing - worked on Lesson 1 from last year that never got finished (!) - will finish next Friday
Artist study - Mary Cassatt - read biography, studied and narrated "Woman in Black at the Opera"
math - 1 lesson

I printed off some art projects from crayola.com. I need to figure out a way to set these up so the kids can work on them on their own.

Thursday, August 16

Burgess Animal Book chapter I
math and grammar - 1 lesson each
Bible - read and narrated

instruments practiced

Ruth is asking to start Latin, but that's still a few weeks away. I want to add science before that.

didn't do our folk song today - next week!

Wednesday, August 15

An Island Story: chapter 2 "The Coming of the Romans" - narrated and notebooked
Paddle to the Sea: chapter 2 - mapping
Bible - read and narrated
grammar and math - one lesson each
hymn - When I Survey the Wondrous Cross - listened to a capella recording, reading along with music; sang with recording; sang just the 3 of us :)
copywork - poem chosen for memorization (Robert - At the Sea-side by Robert L. Stevenson; Ruth - A Serenade for New Year's Eve - author unknown)

instruments practiced
more reading of The Penderwicks - love, love this book!

We met Griff at La Madeleine for dinner and then went to church.

Tuesday, August 14

Fifty Famous Stories Retold: "The Sword of Damocles" - read, narrated, notebook
James Herriot's Treasury: "Moses the Kitten"
math and grammar - 1 lesson
Bible - read and narrated
copywork - Psalm 67 (need to memorize)
composer - Rimsky-Korsakov - read about on Wikipedia - listened to Scheherezade
cello and viola practice

spent time on chores (Motivated Mom chart)
began "productive free time" chart